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Weinnovate Biosolutions Pvt. Ltd. (WIBPL)

Wibpl is an ISO 13485:2016 certified start-up working dedicatedly in the area of Infection prevention and control, Infection diagnostics & healthcare solutions.

the COVID-19 Virus infection was studied by two young experienced medical scientist wearing protective mask glasses and jumpsuit in medical laboratory for cure and prevention

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4.8% Reduction in Infection

The antibacterial mechanism of nanoparticles has shown effective results in treating bacterial infections and wound healing with implanted silver nanoparticles in medical devices

4.6% Reduction in Mortality

Bacterial infections are a major cause of chronic infection and mortality, using these  antimicrobial activity has effectively controlled the spreading of infections

Future Prospect

Silver nanoparticles exhibit an edge for probe when compared to other noble metals, particularly in antibacterial effect, biosensor, bone healing, wound repairing etc.

Powerful Property in Biomedicine

Silver nanoparticles have strongly influenced and are widely used in medical products, namely textiles, equipment, personal care products etc.

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