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What is NanoAgCideTM

NanoAgCideTM is Silver in it’s Nanoform.

It has a broad spectrum antimicrobial activity proven against bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

It is unique in the sense that it can be incorporated in any type of material during the manufacturing process of the material.

It has been tested to successfully work on/ in materials including plastics, rubber, fabric, glass, ceramics, etc. to make the material antimicrobial.

The additive's activity is not affected by temperature, humidity or use of solvents making it easy to incorporate in production set-up.

There is no additional cost burden to the manufacturer.


A patented, next-generation, antimicrobial additive, British pharmacopeia approved, colloidal silver API with broad spectrum antimicrobial and antiviral activity.

How does NanoAgCide work?

The basic principle of NanoAgCide’s working is inorganic nanoparticles mediated antimicrobial activity
The active silver nanoparticles in NanoAgCide kills bacteria by dual mode of action; i) physical membrane disruption and ii) inhibition of respiratory enzyme and membrane enzymes by metal ions.
The Silver nanoparticles in NanoAgCide have a larger surface to volume ratio resulting in a very slow release of ions giving sustained activity.
NanoAgCide is manufactured using a patented process resulting in uniform and stable silver nanoparticles giving excellent antimicrobial activity at a very low concentration

NanoAgCide - a tool to make things around us antimicrobial

The nanoparticles compounding technology is unique so that it can be incorporated in any type of raw material used in medical device and consumables manufacturing. Specific stabilising agents used during manufacturing makes the nanoparticles stable and uniformly compound in various materials. The compounding does not allow nanoparticles to leach out of the final product making it more environment friendly.

Our Technology Is Superior And Cost Effective

  • The nanoparticles are stable in various solutions
  • organic solvents
  • cationic detergents
  • oxidizing / non oxidizing disinfectants
  • The manufacturing process is simple
  • cost effecting
  • easily scalable
  • one pot synthesis
  • fast and does not require any special conditions
  • The nanoparticles possess antimicrobial activity against gram positive and gram negative bacteria and fungi
  • Implementation of technology will have only additional 0.1-1% of manufacturing cost
  • Providing huge range to beat the price of competitor

How can it be compounded?

The product is a liquid additive to be used by medical device and consumables manufacturer. We help them do the compounding of additive with materials like Plastics, rubber or fabric. The product being inorganic nanoparticles does not affect the physical or chemical properties of final product. The product's efficacy is not affected by any manufacturing process. Moreover, the concentration required to get desired antimicrobial efficacy is very low thus not affecting the final product weight or appearance. The additive being impregnate in the material remains compounded with the material till the lifetime of the material making it antimicrobial endlessly. The additive make product antimicrobially active against bacteria, virus, spores and fungi without toxicity to humans. The additive is stable at room temperature for 3 years before compounding and till the lifetime of material after compounding.

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