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What is NanoAgCide?

NanoAgCideTM is Silver in it’s Nanoform. It has a broad spectrum antimicrobial activity proven against bacteria, fungi, and viruses.
It is unique in the sense that it can be incorporated in any type of material during the manufacturing process of the material.
It has been tested to successfully work on/ in materials including plastics, rubber, fabric, glass, ceramics, etc. to make the material antimicrobial.
The additive’s activity is not affected by temperature, humidity or use of solvents making it easy to incorporate in production set-up.

There is no additional cost burden to the manufacturer.


How Does NanoAgCide Work?

The basic principle of NanoAgCide working is inorganic nanoparticles mediated antimicrobial activity.

The active silver nanoparticles in NanoAgCide kill bacteria by dual mode of action – Physical Membrane Disruption and Inhibition of Respiratory Enzymes and Membrane Enzymes by metal ions.

The silver nanoparticles in NanoAgCide have a larger surface to volume ratio resulting in a very slow release of ions giving sustained activity.

It is manufactured using a patented process resulting in uniform and stable silver nanoparticles giving excellent antimicrobial activity at a very low concentration.

WeInnovate Biosolutions has received the Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council’s coveted Biotechnology Ignition Grant award as well as a Small Business Innovation research project grant (BIRAC). We are also funded by the Government of India’s National Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB). We won the Healthcare Accelerator Competition held by CIIE, IIM-A, and are part of the CIIE cohort.

NanoAgCide - A Tool To Make Things Around Us Antimicrobial